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Part 1

Preparing 2D postapo assets form simple 3D models


First and most important step is setting a 3D scene, to render our models uniformly. You will need for that one camera and two sources of light.

Your scene should have:

  1. Camera with Orthographic Projection option set, so you will be able to easily move finished an assets around the map without perspective bends.
  2. 35 degrees elevation to plane. It’s just my aesthetic, but it proved to look well in bird perspective.
  3. (Optional) To keep the assets in the same style, the model should be rotated to 1/3:2/3 profile view facing to the camera.

Now is the time for setting lighting to the scene:

  1. First one will represent sun, it’s a Target Directional Light with Ray Traced Shadows. The intensityshould set to 1. Light object should have almost 90 degree angle elevation to plane, little to the left relatively to the camera.
  2. Second light preventing shadowed places to be completely black is also a Target Directional Light, but cast shadows options should be switched off and intensity be reduced to 0,3. The placement should have lower elevation and be further away from first source. It must be also placed to the left of camera. Why? Because first – simulating the Sun – will throw short shadow to the ground, second will simulate a light bounced back from the ground. Both will complement each other and an illusion of the natural light will be correct.

The scene is ready, so it’s time for our model. In this case we will use this small church.

We are interested in two separate render passes of this object: a Shadow Pass and an Alpha Pass.


In raster graphics program we should use both rendered passes as masks. The alpha pass for parent folder where we will have all layers with colors, textures and shadows. Then the shadow pass will be used as natural shadows.

Firstly we have to gather all textures we will want to use in a particular asset. In this case, good idea is choosing wood, rusted metal and filth to spice up whole image and give gritty feeling of a world after apocalypse, when maintenance is done at latest moment by things that come by.

The textures should be scale to chosen elements. Here the wood is great for the roof and filtered rust is applied to dome and pedestal. On whole church is added a filth texture with Soft Light mode.

At the end you need to add layer with our shadows and you have finished asset for Ash and Rubble. Rinse and Repeat ad Nauseum to create your visual library for maps.

Text: Michał Puławski
Translation: Piotr Trębacz

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