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Wood log [5$]
Heavy piece of wood. Useful in building and crafting. You can prepare 10 boards out of one.
Stone [5$]
Very heavy piece of stone. Useful mostly in housing as source of building blocks. You can prepare 10 blocks out of one.
Ore [50$]
This huge chunk of rock is cheap, but can contain some valuable resources Luke minerals, iron, uranus or titan. Remember to gather significant amount before processing further.
Minerals [50$]
This resource is very useful in chemistry, medicines and metallurgy due to its physical and reactive properties.
Root [5$]
Part of plants that gather water and nutrients. It’s required for many medicines and chemical compounds.
Herb [5$]
Herbs having medical uses.
Fruit [5$]
Omnomnomnom. Tasty, juicy fruit. You don’t care itu2019s an effect of GMO experiments, its shiny, colorful skin looks delicious. Your slaves must eat something.
Buffalo hide [500$]
This huge sheet of skin could be used as simple armor piece if you will stack few of those.
Lizard pelt [700$]
Quite valuable resource, being more durable than Buffalo hide. It’s excellent są reinforcement of primitive armors in most crucial spots.
Poison gland [30$]
This baggy organ is full of toxic liquid. It can be used to create antidotum or refined as chemical compound.
Meat [20$]
Delicious piece of real, fresh meat. You can smoke it - then it will last for longer.
Cord [10$]
Various tapes, cables and ropes useful for putting together other scavenged scrap.
Pipe [20$]
A long segment of metal tube, useful in basic crafting, for example as barrel for your improvised rifle.
Junk [50$]
Pile of various shit. It’s like lego, but from garbage. Dig deep enough and maybe you will find this gimmick for bulbulgator you had in mind. Maybe.
Bottle [5$]
Glass container com... wait, is there a paper letter inside?
Box [5$]
Plastic box. Great for keeping your mess in one container at a time instead of everywhere.
Rot Gut [30$]
Awful alcohol. You should only use it to clean industrial parts, but we both know you will drink it.
Gunpowder [200$]
Isn’t it pretty obvious? Less obvious is fact that it was made from wood charcoal, sulfur and piss.
Metal parts [300$]
Some metal useful for tinkering.
Silicon [1000$]
Main component used in electronics production.
Uranium [4000$]
Rock that contains micro amounts of high-powered ore, which has to be filtered and enriched before being useful in industrial and military applications.
Chemical components [700$]
This glass containers have many different chemicals. They’re base for every drug you know.
Steel alloy [500$]
This is real shit. Used for highly durable elements that also are resistant to corrosion.
Titanium alloy [1000$]
Fuck, how did you even find it? This bad boy is used to build almost indestructible equipment.
Microcircuits [1500$]
Small boards that are full of highly complex circuits of chips, transistors and other electronic components.
Electronic part [8000$]
Device that will serve as a subsystem for even more complex toys powered by electricity.
Enriched uranium [10000$]
Main part of every nuclear energy cell and bomb, and maybe medicines if we will have some spared after building weapons
Polymer [1$]
No description yet.
Ceramic [1$]
No description yet.
Ceramic polymer composite [1$]
No description yet.
Ceramic metal composite [1$]
No description yet.
Ceramic metal polymer composite [1$]
No description yet.

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